Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Has God Done for You in the Past?
  Today I have lived with the Sunday message of January 24th for 2 days.  I can't get away from the final two questions stated.
  What has God done for you in the past?  Can you remember?
  First, the theme for this year, 2010, that Carl presented on the first Sunday is "Don't Limit God".  That three word phrase packs a big punch!  Just think.  "Don't limit God"!  That says quite a lot.
   In the sermon on the 24th we took a journey with the Israelites as they had been delivered out of Egypt after the plagues had ravaged that country and its inhabitants.  There was literally nothing to go back to.  Some days had passed and everyone was thirsty with no water in sight.  "Moses, give us something to drink, NOW" was the general consensus of the people.  At this point we begin to be reminded of God's miraculous provision of the recent days.  All provision had been given by the hand of God.  Israel's response was to grumble at the difficulties life was presenting to them.  They also quarrelled with God, Moses and each other.  This is the time of testing, or proving if you will, what they were made of.  God was making them strong through adversity which is just what happens with us today.  Our response can be that of negativity as was the response of the Israelites at this point in their journey or it can be one of doing what we can to see God in the situations or circumstances of life.  We have all heard it said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  It can also be said that when God is walking with you through the rough patches of life He is giving you a stability in your relationship with Him and leading you in the right way.  He will never leave or forsake us as we continue in His plan and the greatest thing is that even when we step out of that plan God always makes a way for us to get back in step.  
   We must find a way to remember the 'testimonies' of what God has done.  Don't forget.  Write down the things God has done in your life.  Journaling is what we call it!  You can see hundreds of thousands of 'blogs' on the internet of people posting the everyday things of their lives.  In going back one can see the highs and lows in life and see where God brought us out of life's dire situations.
   One thing that stood out to me in the sermon is that 'the worse the disaster, the greater the miracles that happen'!  Just look at the events following Katrina and all the helpful events following the earthquake in Haiti just less than two weeks ago.  God is in the midst of the storm comforting, encouraging and yes, doing the miraculous.  Remembering helps us not to forget! 
   In our society, our Egypt is that we were born into sin.  Our deliverance, is His salvation!  What a powerful statement.
   Again, "Don't Limit God", He has a plan to prosper His children and not to harm them.  His way is true and sure.  He will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He is THE way, The truth, and The light.  Come to Him and walk in His deliverance and begin the journey anew!
In His Service,

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