Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Year Ahead

  Here we are with another New Year ahead of us as they say  'Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes' to spend once more.  What are we to do with them?  Right now in our house we've been spending the days since Monday after Christmas doctoring Jonathan with tonsillitis and low and behold now Mama can't talk, well not much anyway.  But she can write! 
   In retrospect of the year 2009 I've been amazed at all that has transpired.  In reviewing the year's newsletters we've really been busy with the Lord's work.  There have been a good many join Byrd's Chapel and several more in regular attendance along with the family who are continuing in their faithfulness to God in attendance and relationship with the Lord. 
   Our Pearl River County Cluster has become stronger and our youth are now getting more involved.  There is always room for involvement in the cluster as well as our own individual congregations and communities.
   The Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors policy that the United Methodist lives with is a great inspiration and is the backbone of which we live our lives.  All people are welcome to worship with us and we are so pleased to see new friends begin a new relationship with the Lord or renew an old one. 
   We've seen ups and downs in our congregation, community, country and the world in many ways.  However, over all, the Lord has prevailed and is still on His throne.  Those of us who call ourselves Christian are the ones who can call on our God and see His will come to pass in not only our lives but in the lives in which we come in contact.
   Let's continue to look forward with spirit eyes to see what good and wonderful things this new year, new decade, will bring our way.
   I look forward to walking hand in hand with you and expect good things along with some bad I'm sure, knowing that God is working in all.
Have a Great New Year,
In His Service,

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