Sunday, September 1, 2013


  ...on note taking>

  Many have commented on my note taking over the years.  In retrospect I can honestly say that I've taken notes on and written about or journaled everything throughout my life but taking notes on the sermons I hear and the Bible studies I attend are a great teacher for me.  The Lord often speaks deeper in my spirit as I apply myself in this note taking. 
  I'd also like to share that lately I received a great book by Ruth Bell Graham. Let me share a little block in this book that really spoke to me and gave me a kind of 'kindred spirit' feeling with her.  "Ruth Graham on Her Childhood Journal"  We didn't have notebooks in China, so I got some wallpaper and made the back and front cover and then got some of Daddy's stationary from the hospital, cut off the masthead, and made the inside pages."
  Mrs. Graham wrote about everything.  Family and her love for the Lord is the highest on her journaling however you can see her love of animals, nature, hymns and most of all people.  She came into contact with so many different people in her life and everyone was of great importance to her.  She, in my opinion, is the epitome of a Christian lady. Again quoted from the book "Footprints of a Pilgrim' is an entry from Barbara Bush "I think of Ruth Graham as almost the perfect woman.  Perfect because she's got a sense of humor and such family loyalty.  And I love her because she says what she thinks.  I've enjoyed our friendship.
  I've teased her a little bit because I think she has the world's hardest-to-read handwriting.  That's her only fault.
  I love her support of Billy (I guess maybe that's a generational thing).  But to me it is so important to support your husband, your children, and your friends.  And Ruth has been very supportive to us."
  I, too, want to be thought of by my friends and acquaintances as a woman who is very supportive of my husband, my children and my friends and as a woman who loves the Lord and yes, takes notes or journals about the most important things and sometimes the most trivial things in her life. Habakkuk 2:2-3
In His Love and Service,
Jennie Heberg

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