Sunday, September 1, 2013

DGC Testimony
 I have an awesome testimony to share with you this month.  As many of you may recall I attended a Discover God's Call weekend in November.  My first experience with DGC was at a pivotal time in my life in April of '04 and I've been involved in as many of the meetings following that initial introduction to this spririt filled weekend as I possibly could since.  For those of you who many not know, DGC is a power packed weekend focusing strictly on assisting the New Discoverers in finding the Call God has placed on their lives.  Often they are already walking in that Call, and sometimes they are just not sure of the direction to go in next.  Sometimes one will come away not knowing at all their next step or God's Call for their lives.  The main thing is that the Lord is the One who gives the Call and not any person. 
   The testimony is one that was shared on Saturday night by one of our Team, actually our worship leader.  As long as I've been part of this great ministry we've been  praying for her son.  I'm not going to share any names because that really doesn't matter.  What matters is the miraculous power of prayer and God's hand at work in the life of a young man and his family. 
   This son has had a time for several years with a variety of addictions.  Many relationships have been greatly tested and some broken completely.  He lost all he had and went through several treatment centers to no avail.  In fact the last few he didn't complete.  But one day while walking down a sidewalk in TX he happened by a church and was drawn by the Holy Spirit to enter.  What an awesome thing happened when he took that step.  He came face to face with the presence and power of God.  The direction his life has taken since that day is phenomenal.  The Lord has used him in a mighty way to deliver His Word in such power that many have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  God has filled this young man with His presence and power and he now is a New Creation and reaches out to the homeless, outcasts, drug and alcohol addicts, etc.  There is life in his step now where there was hopelessness and despair. 
   I know what God can do and many of you do also, but isn't is so refreshing to hear of it in this way?      
   In communication with his mother she shared that during their Thanksgiving celebration there is evidence of the hope of her son's marriage being restored also. 
   So, if anyone ever asks you to pray for their friend, child, spouse or anyone else to be delivered please remember this testimony.  If God can do it for him, you, me He can do it for them, too. 
   The Words of the Lord are pure words, purified seven (7) times in the furnace of the earth.
In His Service and Love,

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