Sunday, September 1, 2013

This World Is Not My Home
So many things about this have been stirring in my heart during this past week and especially today.
At this time there are people in my life who are truly enduring trying times.  Some are losing things they've worked years for, i.e., homes, vehicles, jobs.  Some are experiencing much, for lack of a better word, tribulation, as close friends, family and seemingly everyone who claims to be Christian friends or ministers just do not fulfill their promises.
I've thought of losses I've experienced and I've seen others lose over the years.  First I started thinking of so many who are experiencing job losses, then the memories of so many who lost homes, properties, businesses, etc. as a result of various hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.  Now, just yesterday earthquakes hit in OK.  I'm also reminded about fires that have brought losses of homes, businesses and even lives.
The things that continue to come to mind are:
  • this too shall pass
  • any house can be made a home by the people who live in it
  • this world is not my home
  • no weapon formed against me cannot prosper
  • this too pass
  • this world is not my home
  • my heart is the home in which the Holy Spirit lives
I know you see that I repeated some statements.  Yes, the Lord will remind us over and over of the things He wants us to really get.
Get this, this world is not your home.
Get this, this too shall pass.
Get this, this is not an event unto death.
Get this, if you look to the Lord and walk with Him knowing that He'll bring you into His place for you, you'll see more blessings than losses.
My heart's hope is that we will, yes me included, have a greater observance of His plan and not always looking at the plans we've made or are making.  I pray that you'll all look to Him, knowing that he has great plans for you, lavish plans, plans so great you cannot even fathom that He has them in mind for you.  As you walk through this water, fire, trouble, you will come out unscathed but filled with the experience of His peace, His love, His guidance, His direction, His ability in you to relate to someone else who is troubled.
Be blessed, knowing that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
Job had to let those voices around him be silenced before he could truly focus on God.  I encourage you to do the same.
In His Service,
Mt. 6:33

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