Sunday, September 1, 2013

Turning the Page

There is gold, and a multitude of pearls (jewels), but the lips of knowledge are a vase of preciousness [the most precious of all].  Proverbs 20:15 (AMP)
 I've had a bit of a hard time knowing just what to share with you this month as it is the last time I'll be doing the newsletter.  Another page turner as the baton passes.  The pleasure has been mine these past four years and I've been truly blessed to be able to keep you posted on upcoming events not only in our church congregations but in the community at large, monthly birthdays, even a couple births along with photos, receiving and sometimes editing and posting the submissions others have sent, and most of all having your blessing as I've written from my heart each month.  I even found a few articles that others wrote from time to time who were gracious enough to let me share them with you.
 >This month I'd like to leave you with a closing article that, as usual, is straight from the heart.  These thoughts stemmed from a conversation I had with my brother.  An expectation of relocating to Hawaii fell through for one of his sons.  All preparations had been made and at the last minute when he was notified of the change of plans he took it all in stride with a great attitude.  A reminder of their brief time of living in Colorado amidst the majestic mountains and the fact that life long residents did not have the same excitement of their beauty and splendor as those who moved into the area caused my brother to remind his son that the same would be true in Hawaii as the new would wear off when the 'dailyness' of work, i.e., taking care of home, car, cooking, etc. would become the norm.
  The next morning Carl and I were reflecting on the fact that the Global Day of Prayer was hosted by South Africa as many other countries participated.  I thought it great that during the same month that the United States annually participates in National Day of Prayer we also participated in the Global Day of Prayer with a large number of countries worldwide.  During our discussion about the excitement of this event we spoke of the fact that several years ago statistically the United States was instrumental in sending out 90% of the Missionaries into other countries spreading the gospel and bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.  Now, as we've been so blessed in this country to have the Word of God so readily available and many have experienced the presence of God in their lives in the past and have heard stories of God's miraculous from our parents and grandparents, we've become the country other countries send their Missionaries to.  In many instances we've become complacent about the glory and splendor of God and His presence in our lives.  Many of us never experience His presence in our daily lives.  We have come not to expect the miraculous and when we do it is no longer the norm but something out of the ordinary.  In my reading of the Scriptures the Christians should be living in the miraculous every day of our lives.  I determine to be the person whose life is full of miraculous events and moments in every day of my life as I serve Him with greater fervor.  I pray you will join me.
Thank you, once again, for allowing me to minister to you each month through my writing as you've read these articles I've shared.  I encourage you to continue to seek the Lord in every area of your life and see the miraculous for yourself.
As we ready ourselves for full time evangelistic work along with whatever else the Lord leads us in, we look forward to hearing from many of you as we serve the Lord side by side.
In His Love and Service,
 Mt. 6:33 Isaiah 55:12

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