Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alone Yet Not Alone

Last week Holley Gerth challenged me to write about You Are Not Alone.  While this was in the back of my mind, I failed to refer to it.  I came across it on facebook one day.  Amazing true story, lovely heart wrenching yet deeply encouraging song by Joni Ereckson Tada is shared below....Amazing!   You know, I have nothing wrong with me, no health challenges, no handicaps, great friends and family, a great relationship with the Lord and I see people like Joni and others who've faced horrendous situations and am so encouraged by their gifts to the world and the Kingdom of  God.

The movie Alone Yet Not Alone looks to be a very harrowing bundle of tremendous challenges in lives of many.  This being a true story is even closer to my heart.  I look forward to seeing as soon as possible.  I've given you a link to the Trailer for this movie.  Be greatly encouraged.

Be blessed,

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