Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are We Making Our Lives Count?

This question has been one that seems to be on the minds of many people on a daily basis.  I've thought about the fact that truly most people's lives do count for something for someone no matter who they are.  My main thought is that there is one of two questions people look for when evaluating their lives:
1)  How many accomplishments have they caused to happen?
     a)  monies, possessions, etc.
     b)  relationships with no substance
2)  How many people have they influenced or made a difference for the Kingdom of God?
     a)  salvations, discipleship, etc.
     b)  relationships with eternal value

In looking at these two instances we are actually looking at the lives of Christians and non-Christians.  Although there are a lot of really 'good' people who aren't Christians by profession or lifestyle, there are only two types of people according to the Bible, Christians or non-Christians.  We read on lots of signs in front of Churches, on billboards, and actually now on Facebook and other social networks we frequent that say 'the only way to heaven is through Jesus'; or 'Jesus is the only way to heaven', etc.  Jesus Himself said in John 14:6 "I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no one can come to the Father except through Me."
Several years ago I was leading a women's Sunday School class and never thought a thing about quoting this verse since throughout my life I have never ever doubted the truth of it.  It is in the Bible and attributed to Jesus.  When I said it, though, one of the ladies in the class was very upset and verbally with great volume let me know so in class.  Her argument was that there were so many who had done so many selfless things for others, leading lives spent to only help the helpless, feed the hungry, help the poor, etc. etc. etc.  She spoke of the Dahli Lahma, Ghandi, and others like them.  They had to be going to heaven and I had no call to say that they wouldn't just because they did not accept Jesus as Savior and the Son of God.  I attempted to confirm the verse stating that Jesus Himself had spoken these words, not just me, but that I repeated what He said.  Soon I went on to another subject as there was no way to calm the situation otherwise. 
This really shook me a bit.  The fact that we only have one way is part of the foundational truth of Christianity.  These 3 things that Jesus said He is, the Way, the Truth and the Life, are of utmost importance and truly are the beginning to what makes our lives count.  For a life to count at all, it has to count for Jesus, God and the Kingdom of Heaven first and formost. 
I've learned that the things needed are:
1)  Walk the Way of Jesus
2)  Live the Truth of God's Word
3)  Demonstrate God's Kingdom by example

Be blessed as you ponder the questions in your heart and look to the words of Jesus for the comfort and solidification of His call on your life.  Be the example God desires by finding the answers in the Bible.

In His Service,
Luke 1:37

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