Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Grands

Baby Grands are just the cutest, don't ya think?
Well, I do. Last weekend, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 at 5:05 pm my daughter in love, Jennifer, had our 3rd Baby Grand. His Dad, both brothers and his Uncle Jon Jon were so excited. His Papa is so thrilled since Joe was partially named after him. Papa's choice was not to name his son after him and then his son didn't name his prior children after him. So now I call him Joey Selva, his name is really Joseph Selva Phillips, or I guess I could call him Skip, couldn't I? I guess whatever I decide to call him he'll love it since I'm Grandma.
Jonathan was so excited to be there just before and just after Joe's birth, yeah, Joe is probably what everybody else will call him. But like I said I'm Grandma, I can call him whatever I choose because as his brothers decided I'm so old I can do whatever I want. They were so-o-o-o awestruck at how OLD Grandma & Grandpa are and Papa, wow, you'da thought they were expecting all of us to just keel over any minute. We laughed so hard our sides hurt. The boys had no clue what was so funny. Grandma just went along with it all. Talk about eyes big as saucers, wow, they were amazed.
Jacob & Jack, the brothers, got to spend the night with Uncle Jon Jon, that's what Joey called Jonathan before he was ever born, and they got not much sleep and then had to get up so early for a Saturday so we could go to support a local Convoy of Hope event. Then upon seeing Baby Grand Joe, Joey Selva, Skip or whatever we brand him as, the brothers were so wanting to come back home with Uncle Jon Jon, but no can do, school for another week, and make-up tests on Monday since Baby Grand was born on Friday. Wow, what a Grand adventure we all are just beginning.
Thanksgiving, do we ever have something to be thankful for this year. Baby Grands, big brothers, uncles, mom, dad, and all the Grand-parents. God is so Grand and is blessing us to no end. Grandpa is so longing to see his new Grand, he has yet to be able to see him, we're hoping to see him this week. Then I'll post a photo or two of Grandpa and maybe even some more of the rest of us. I just know that since it's been over a week we'll be able to see personality when we get to see him again. I can hardly wait, and Grandpa is there, too. Oh, yes, let's not forget Uncle Jon Jon, he is wanting to be there already.
A great big happy family. How Grand is that? Just look at the faces on all these guys, you can see that each one of them is so excited and proud to begin teaching Joe to be all boy! I can see the wheels turning. Please feel free to share in the joy of Thanksgiving with us.
May the Lord bless you all and have a great and Happy Thanksgiving this year!

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