Thursday, May 14, 2009

Living Life with Purpose

Living Life with Purpose
Yes, this is my 11 year old. I got out in the yard early (about 6:30) and got these shots of Jonathan as he was weeding the garden. He just came into the study to let me know he's going to go out and check something in the garden right quick. He said right quick because he's ready to leave to do his weekly volunteer work at the Arboretum. These photos are PROOF that, yes, he is sold on this idea of getting to summer camp in Starkville this year. Conservation Camp - Entomology Camp week is an aspiration of his as he has decided to be a Landscape Architect when he grows up. Yes, we are encouraging him but we as parents know that there are also things we aspire to as children that when grown we abandon. Also we know that if this is God's plan for his life he will continue to develop the desire in him and we'll see it come to fruition.

The first photo is of him spotting and destroying a bug that would eventually destroy his crop if left to its own devices. As I watched him do this, he was purposeful in his tactic, I'll spare you the details but suffice it to say he got the job done. I'm reminded that in the Bible we are commanded to destroy the enemy who would destroy the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and we are also given to tools to get this accomplished. However, we often just don't do it. We need to be believers with a purpose and destroy anything that would destroy our witness.
The next two photos show him weeding and hoeing his garden. He is determined to take care of his crop. For you see, one day this week I asked him if he really wants to go to camp this year. He is paying his way by selling some of his crop and some bookmarks. He responded in the affirmative and I then reminded him that his garden would just die away if he didn't get out there and weed it. Well, you can see his response. Response with a corresponding action is a great thing to see. Not only is he raising monies for himself to attend camp but he is learning some of life's most important lessons.
In his Christian life he is also putting these principles to good use. He has been over the last year collecting can tabs to take to The Ronald McDonald House as a field trip and has been giving "Pay If Forward" gifts of Bibles, Bible CDs, and various things that were under the tree for Jesus at Christmas. We are very proud of our young son, as you can see. And yes, he is all boy and has to be shaped and molded into the man God wants him to be as each day rolls around. With time in the Word and Prayer we can see this accomplished.
Thank you so much for indulging some Proud Parents as we see our baby growing into adolescence. Our prayer is that as he is trained up in the ways of the Lord he will not depart from it but will live it out for others to see and will work in the place God has for him and realize that the sky is the limit in the things he can accomplish for the Kingdom of God as he walks in obedience to the Lord.
In His Love & Service,

Mt. 6:33 & Is. 55:12

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