Monday, May 11, 2009

Life has been grand for me as the day before Mother's Day I saw two little ones working hard to pick out a puppy. Oh, my was it hard to decide on one of those puppies. Then the best thing happened. Daddy said each one could pick out one of their very own. You have never seen two more excited and happy little boys. Then they started all over again. The search was so much fun. Daddy just waited and one of the pups came right to him. Wow! That was hard to believe. That one was one of the ones chosen and then another one came up and he got to go home with these excited little boys, too.
These two little boys are my grandsons and their Daddy is my oldest son. What a memory he painted on the pages of their journal of life that day. Some day when they grow up and have boys they can look back on this event and know just what to do when someone tells their Mom that they have the most wonderful puppies to give away and that they will make great pets. The pen of experience often is read much longer than ink on paper.
This is what we have in experiencing the love of Jesus in our lives. Family is so important to Jesus in that His references were always toward the things He saw His Father do. Don't we also use these same references in our lives?
As parents we must be sure to be aware of our actions in the lives of our children. These children will remember this incident for years to come.
As a Mom, Grandma, Pastor's Wife and Friend I experience many instances when I have to stand back and see what would my Father in heaven do in the situation. I know that I don't always make the right choice but as I lean on Him and trust that He'll lead there are more right choices than wrong.
In saying this I am reminded that I must keep His goals, ideals, direction and calling in mind in each choice made in my life. I pray that you'll also be able to stand back and seek His direction when faced with choices.

In His Love and Service,

Mt. 6:33 & Is. 55:12

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